Obtaining spells: With the March 16, 2012 free-to-play patch, the scholars of the Library of Myrist in the Plane of Knowledge have expanded their inventories. They now carry many spells, tomes, or songs that an adventurer will need. They do not carry ancient spells or advanced spell ranks.

Spell links Edit

  • AllaKhazam's Spell Database (includes Songs and Disciplines) If you feel that you have some important information that AllaKhazam's does not contain, feel free to add it to this wiki.
  • Spell Dat Parser - Provides technical information on exactly what each spell does, with data taken from the game files.

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  • For Monk disciplines, see: Monk.

AA bonus scale Edit

Considering how many AA people have to get these days to be a capable player in the minds of the min-max'er crowd.. I've moved the AAXP bonus scale to reach 0% bonus at 2500AA for House of Thule. The bonus degrades linearly from 500% at 0, to 100% at 2500.

— quote is allegedly from Elidroth, EQ Developer

Changed the AA experience boost for low AA counts from 2500 to 4000 AA. The bonus now tapers linearly from 1000% to normal experience over this new range. Progression servers will not get this bonus until Veil of Alaris is unlocked.

Game Update Notes: Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Level 65 to 70 spell runesEdit

  • Level 65 - Taelosian Geomancy Stone Eril, Taelosian Geomancy Stone Jelki, Taelosian Geomancy Stone Yiktu, Chaos Runes
  • Level 66 - Minor Muramite Rune or Minor Shadowspine Rune
  • Level 67 - Lesser Muramite Rune or Lesser Shadowspine Rune
  • Level 68 - Muramite Rune or Shadowspine Rune
  • Level 69 - Greater Muramite Rune or Greater Shadowspine Rune
  • Level 70 - Glowing Muramite Rune or Glowing Shadowspine Rune
  • Level 70 (Ancients) - Ancient Muramite Runes or Ancient Shadowspine Rune

The Buried SeaEdit

Spell Acquisition

Level Required Faction
71 Indifferent
72 Amiable
73 Kindly
74 Warmly
75 Ally

Rank How Obtained
I Pirate Vendor/Faction/Currency (Dubloons)
II Combine Vendor/Faction/Currency (Orux)
III Raid (Elite) Vendor/Flags/Currency (Phosphenes)

  • Druid port spells are sold by Cyrillae Saltscout in the Buried Sea at -3859, -2930.
    • Ring of Buried Sea, level 54, price ~12 platinum
    • Circle of Buried Sea, level 59, price ~23 platinum
    • Zephyr of Buried Sea, level 64, price ~52 platinum

Spell drop ratesEdit

Statistically there are (I think - going from memory here) 16 clerics for every 1 Berserker, and Clerics have lots of spells. The chance to get a spell is weighted by the % of players (active) who play that class at a high level.

Nodyin-Dev, EQ Designer