Skilling up Edit

A slight preface to Pottery: It would be a good idea to make real good friends with an enchanter, or just be antisocial and make an enchanter of your own. Or, if you are an enchanter ignore this preface, as it doesn't apply to you.

Unfired Small Bowl to 102 Edit

  • Unfired Small Bowl:
Bowl Sketch
Small Block of Clay
Water Flask

Notes: Look to Gligo Muddypants for the Bowl Sketches. Northern trade building, Pok. Elisha Dirtyshoes also of the northern trade building sells Small Blocks of Clay. Nearby, in the northern trade building complex is Yeril Imsin, who conveniently sells Water Flasks.

Unfired Murky Energeian Ice Orb to 250 Edit

  • Unfired Murky Energeian Ice Orb:
Copper Infused Energeiac Clay
Pure Copper Ingot
Small Block of Magic Clay
Block of Magic Clay
Large Block of Magic Clay
Large Block of Clay x5
Spell: Mass Enchant Clay
Water Flask x3
Sunshard Pebble
Distilled Essence of Ice
Murky Energeian Sketch
Vial of Cloudy Mana
Peridot x5
Poison Vial x5
Spell: Mass Cryastallize Mana

Notes: Oh boy, big list here. Pure Copper Ingots, Distilled Essence of Ice, Murky Energeian Sketches are all sold by Merchant Woad, an npc who irritatingly wanders between the Toxxulia zone line and the merc camp in Barren Coast.

Large Block of Clay are sold by Elisha Dirtyshoes in the northern trade building complex. Peridot can be bought from Kirem Deepfacet in the northern trade building complex. Poison Vials come from Loran Thu'Leth in the western trade building.

The Mass Crystallize Mana spell is bought from Palik Agrolm, in the Commonlands tunnel (Level 20 required enchanter to cast). Spell: Mass Enchant Clay has a level 8 requirement to cast, and is also sold by Palik Agrolm.

Please tell me you can find a Water Flask vendor by now?

Unfired Ceramic Fist Ornament to 302 Edit

  • Unfired Ceramic Fist Ornament:
Ceramic Fist Ornament Mold Sketch
Cosgrove Infused Clay
Cosgrove Powder
Water Flask
Large Block of Magic Clay
Large Block of Clay x5
Spell: Mass Enchant Clay

Notes: Ceramic Fist Ornament Mold Sketch is sold by Useful Automated Vendor in Brell's Rest. Cosgrove Powder can be found HERE. The clay info has already been covered /shrug.

Thanks to Stillwaters, a/k/a arkadykappa, for this guide.

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