Living Legacy was a celebration in June 2008 designed to encourage players to return to EverQuest. It offered Free Game Play, Free EverQuest Secrets of Faydwer All-In-One Pack Software, Unique In-Game Item Bundle, Live Events - XP Bonuses, Upgrades To Favorite Zones and New Raids, and a Legends Of Norrath starter pack.

While the celebration is long over, on occasion SOE brings back some of the events.

Raids Edit

These raids require a minimum of six and maximum of 54 players.

Rewards Edit

The rewards offered are listed as "Model ____" are rewards where the better you do on the quest, the greater the reward and the higher the model number. Model XX (twenty) is better then Model XIX (nineteen). You can not have two of the same name but of different models.

You can destroy it and at any time just request a new one from Distribution Facilitator XCV in the Plane of Knowledge, who will always give you the highest model you are entitled to.

2012 Edit

It was reported on July 29, 2012 that the raids were back. No official announcement by SOE has been seen on the subject. In this thread, Piestro, EverQuest Community Manager, did state that it is intentional. Not all of them were working. Sometime around August 21, 2012 the ones that were up disappeared without comment from SOE.

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