The Frogloks Edit


Overview Edit

The Frogloks of the Rathe Mountains are a breed apart from their unawoken brethren that still roam the wild lands of Norrath to this day. Blessed by Mithaniel Marr and awoken to do his will, the majority of Frogloks are a noble race, though a minority of the once-chosen have been corrupted by Innoruuk's hateful touch and have turned to his interests. The Frogloks have a strong hatred for the Trolls; they managed to successfully besiege and take their swamp town of Grobb for their own, renaming it Gukta - they have however since lost control of the town to the Trolls again and have been forced to relocate to a ramshackle tent city in the Rathe Mountains.

The Frogloks are fairly adaptable as a race and as such are capable of pursuing several professions - they are capable spellcasters, able to become Necromancers and Wizards. They are also able to devote themselves to their divine deity, serving them through prayer as a Cleric or Shaman or through active service as a Paladin or Shadowknight. Finally, they are particularly adept at melee battle due to their agile and dexterous nature, and as such are capable Warriors and Rogues.

Being swamp-dwelling creatures, the Frogloks are particularly resistant to poisons. Thanks to their blessing by Mithaniel Marr they also boast an innate resistance to magic. Living life in the swamplands has also made them naturally capable swimmers.

Special Abilities Edit

  • +15 Poison Resistance
  • +5 Magic Resistance
  • Swimming (125)

Starting Statistics Edit

Cleric 75 100 100 85 75 85 50 30
Necromancer 70 110 100 80 85 75 50 30
Paladin 80 100 100 85 75 80 60 20
Rogue 70 110 110 80 75 75 50 30
Shadowknight 80 100 100 85 85 75 55 20
Shaman 70 100 100 85 75 85 55 30
Warrior 80 100 105 90 75 75 50 25
Wizard 70 100 100 90 85 75 50 30

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